About Full Cup Ministry

The early daysBefore we get into what we are, let’s focus on what we are NOT.  Full Cup Ministry is not a group of highly decorated theologians that preach AT you almost like it were an academic setting.  There may be a place for that, but this is not it.  There, we got that out of the way!  😉

Full Cup Ministry is a collaboration of God loving, good, fun people living a Christ centered life that want to spread the word of God.  Our mission is to provide thought provoking content that will further enrich your spiritual life.  As you consume the content on this site, we hope that you find it positive, spiritually uplifting, intellectually challenging at times, informative and maybe even enlightening at times.  But most of all we pray you find it true to God’s word.

Final Cup Ministry is not an official “non-profit organization” at this time, but our goal is not financial profits

What is our Mission?

Simple.  Bring new people to God’s word and strengthen your walk with God if you have already made Him a priority in your life.

We measure the success of our mission by the souls that have been touched by God’s word.

Do you have an interesting story about how God has worked in your life?  We would love to hear about it!