Donations Disclaimer

Full Cup Ministry will happily accept your donations to help to financially support our efforts.  Running a website is not free and as we continue to grow, the overhead expenses will grow as well.  Website design, graphic design, content creation, purchase of stock photography, content creation…it all adds up.

However, we are not an official “Non-Profit” organization” and we need to make this very clear.  What does that mean to you?  Really the only impact is that your donations are not a tax write off as they would be if we were an official non-profit organization.

But to be clear, we are not in this to make a profit.  In fact we do not intend to turn a profit.  Any funds left over at the end of the month will be re-invested in the site.  In all honesty, to be completely transparent, this effort will probably operate at loss and that is completely ok with us.  This is not a business effort.  Our goal is to spread His Word!